10 Smartphone and driving safety tips.

  1. It is dangerous, illegal and pretty stupid to use a mobile or smartphone while driving. Don’t do it! The law still applies while queueing, at red lights and while supervising a learner.
  2. In the UK the fine is currently £200 and six points on your license when caught illegally using a mobile device while driving. Avoid being caught and don’t use a device while driving. GOV.UK LAW
  3. Even using the hands free or GPS is for navigation is illegal unless your device is secured with a smartphone holder.
  4. Spending £10-£30 on a quality mobile phone holder is much cheaper and safer than taking risks without one. Use a holder that doesn’t obstruct your view while driving. Magnetic ones work well.
  5. Your smartphone, or indeed any device, can still be an unsafe distraction while driving, even if it is safely secured with a holder.
  6. Make calls with hands free by using voice control to initiate or answer a call – never divert your attention searching for a contact!
  7. Use your passenger as your personal secretary – ask them to take the call.
  8. If you listen to music from your device set it up before you start your journey.
  9. Device while driving abuse has become a taboo and abusers who risk the lives of others are generally regarded as @@s.
  10. Remember – Smartphones can be used as evidence if involved in an accident. Police will investigate phone records even when a device is not available to them.
Using a phone while driving is stupid and it stands to reason that people who obviously do it must be dim or delusional. The photo is not of a real dullard BTW – it’s posed for the shot!

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4 years ago

I agree that seeing drivers using mobile phones while driving infuriated me. It’s selfish to endanger everyone around you.