Avoid double denim disasters

Wearing double denim can either look really good or really terrible.

Here’s a few tips tip avoid a double denim disaster.

  1. Unless it’s sold as an outfit, i.e. a skirt and matching top, don’t try to match similar coloured denim tops and bottoms.

    Too much? Double blue denim can look like a prison uniform.
  2. If you wear a blue denim jacket with blue denim jeans be sure to vary the colour, preferably a dark blue denim jacket or shirt with lighter blue jeans or skirt (or the other way around).
  3. Generally avoid double blue denim unless you know what you’re doing or going for a specific style – like the biker or retro 70’s/80’s look.

    Double denim is not all bad – in fact, it can look amazing.
  4. ONLY wear triple blue denim unless it makes a bold fashion statement you’re comfortable with (yes it can look cool), preparing to appear on a D.I.Y. carpentry channel or auditioning for a role as a Smurf.

Fashion Tip contributed by: Molly H
I'm a fashion student from Manchester and I'm working with denim for my degree show this year.

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