Avoid Mouldy Bathroom Horrors

Did you Know? – Bleaching your loo reduces shower mould.

Keeping your bathroom looking sparkling also improves hygiene. Here’s some handy tips to avoid a nightmare bathroom.

  1. Always use a mould removing and descaling bathroom spray to remove grime from your shower or bath. Use it as soon as you see evidence of mould and don’t let it build up.
  2. Use the spray on the shower head and hose. It will also keep the holes on your shower head clear of limescale buildup.
  3. Regularly use bleach under the loo rim and this will also help slow mould from returning in your shower! All mould produces spores. That’s how fungus proliferates. Fungus spores are everywhere and most are harmless. But the mould in your loo can cause respiratory and skin problems. The mould in your loo looks like a black stain under the rim and will spread to other damp areas in your bathroom, particularly your shower.
  4. If mould returns quickly under the rim then check inside the cistern water tank behind the loo. Sometimes limescale and mould build-up in the tank can be the source of a recurring problem in the bowl. There are a number of easily available descaling and bleach products you can use to clear the cistern.
  5. Keep your bathroom and shower well ventilated, especially during and after a shower – open a window or make sure the extractor fan is on.
  6. Try to keep your shower as uncluttered as possible from shampoo bottles etc.
  7. Use a squeegee to dry the shower walls and door.
  8. If you have a shower curtain wash it regularly. Many shower curtains are designed to be machine washable (check the label).
  9. Be sure to check the shower drain regularly to keep it clear. Regularly pour some bleach down it making sure to rinse afterwards or use bathroom drain unblocker.
  10. Always read the labels on any chemical products and keep them out of reach of children.

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