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  • Fastest way to melt ice on your windscreen
    Fastest way to melt ice on your windscreen

    It’s winter time and the cold weather can add an extra inconvenience to your drive to work in the morning. Scraping frost off your windscreen is a chore and sometimes ineffective but it’s illegal and dangerous to drive with uncleared windows. For a light frost or snow cover… It’s quickest to use warm water with…

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  • Be The First With Motoring Tips…
    Be The First With Motoring Tips…

    There’s no tips on this topic yet! Share your knowledge, motoring tips, motor industry news or a car or bike review on With.Tips… The place to share. Your tips are shared to the world on With.Tips and on associated social media accounts, reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands. You may add links from With.Tips…

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  • How to hand wash your car.
    How to hand wash your car.

    There are benefits to hand washing your own car. Washing your car by hand shouldn’t be a chore and the small amount of effort will save you money and help to increase your level of activity during your day. Actually, I get a lot of satisfaction from washing my car and, as a perfectionist, I…

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  • Caring for your Chamois Leather
    Caring for your Chamois Leather

    A good quality chamois leather can be expensive but with a little care for they last for ever. Follow these simple steps and your chamois leather will go on and on. I have used the same chamois for over a year now and it’s only just starting to deteriorate! Don’t use your chamois on black…

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  • Caring for microfibre cloths
    Caring for microfibre cloths

    So many people use microfibre cloths and dispose of them as soon as they seem a little grubby! In a world where sustainability is becoming more of a worry, it seems crazy that we are treating things as disposable when all they need is a wash! So to save money and help the environment, why…

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