Caring for your Chamois Leather

A good quality chamois leather can be expensive but with a little care for they last for ever.

Follow these simple steps and your chamois leather will go on and on.

I have used the same chamois for over a year now and it’s only just starting to deteriorate!

  1. Don’t use your chamois on black rubber parts or oily areas – it’ll make it black and less affective.
  2. Only use on the car after is has been washed.
  3. After each use, wash your chamois in bowl of warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid and rinse in cold water.
  4. Ring out the chamois and stretch it into shape from the edges.
  5. Hang it out to dry but not in direct sunlight. Once dry, the chamois leather will seem quite stiff. Scrunching it up a few times will make it flexible again.
  6. To store your chamois leather, only when it’s completely dry, pop it into a bag or Tupperware box. This will keep it safe from chemical or oil contaminants that could spoil it or grit that could scratch your car’s paintwork.
  7. Keep it in the home – not in the garage or shed where it might get too cold or too hot – both will ruin it’s super absorbency qualities.

Buying a good quality chamois leather makes all the difference. Real chamois leather is best but there are vegan alternatives, synthetic chamois, that work well too. The bigger the piece, the better… 40 to 50 cm square is ideal.

In the US there’s an abundance of different manufacturers with plenty of size options – Chamois leathers available in the US

But I live in the U.K. where, for some reason the choice is more limited!

The best real Chamois Leather in my opinion is by Kent Car Care Wholeskin Chamois – and the one I mostly use on my cars. It’s lasted ages!

As far as the synthetics go, I prefer AutoGlym’s synthetic chamois leather – I like their stuff generally – especially their wax products (I digress). Here’s the link on Amazon. (I live in the UK so this is for Amazon U.K. – see below for US)

AutoGlym Chamios Leather available in the UK – it just feels good to use:

But the synthetic Chamois by Kent Car Care isn’t bad:

I hope this has been helpful… Happy car washing 🙂

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