Copyright Free Images – to use any way you like.

Using other people’s images without permission or a license is a breach of copyright and is seen as theft in the eyes of the law. In short – copying images from the internet and using them on your own site, leaflets etc can land you in a heap of trouble.

It may be possible to contact the author of creative work and ask for written permission, sometimes for a fee. But this can be difficult and time consuming.

Purchasing beautiful professional images from services such as  Adobe Stock is more convenient and hassle free. The licenses for images are available individually or as part of a plan. The images are mid professional quality to high end editorial standard and you will find images suitable for commercial projects and discerning clients. But even these come with restrictions – You can’t use them in a mobile app for example. However, of all the stock licensing services we find Adobe Stock the best in terms of the vast creative content.

Adobe Stock

But there are some amazing sources where images have been made available for free, mostly no restrictions and without needing attribution (naming the author/artist with a link). Most of these free services simply ask you to register. The range and quality of the images is more limited than Adobe Stock – but there are still thousands of brilliant images to choose from that are perfectly adequate for most blogs, startups and small businesses on a tight budget.



For more resources and information about using copyright free images visit the excellent Creative Commons website:

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