Fastest way to melt ice on your windscreen

It’s winter time and the cold weather can add an extra inconvenience to your drive to work in the morning.

Scraping frost off your windscreen is a chore and sometimes ineffective but it’s illegal and dangerous to drive with uncleared windows.

For a light frost or snow cover…

  • It’s quickest to use warm water with a dash of washing up liquid, or better still, screen wash. The water melts the frost and the washing up liquid/screen wash prevents refreezing.
  • Don’t use boiling or very hot water – it’s not necessary and could stress and crack the glass, warm water will do. 
  • Use a cleaned 2L cola bottle to carry and pour the water – it’s easy to pour without splashing everywhere and can’t damage your car if you drop it.

For extreme cold conditions…

  • Mix 40/60 screen wash (or isopropyl rubbing alcohol is safer and better for the environment)  with water and keep it in a spray bottle.
  • Don’t keep the bottle in the car overnight – your car may be frozen up.

A Quick Tip shared by: John Blackwell
This is my first tip on here

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