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Latest Lifestyle Tips

4 Healthy Kitchen Habits for Healthy Living

  When it comes to healthy kitchen habits, some precautions are more obvious than others. The importance of regularly washing your hands, for example, is something that even small children understand. In addition, wiping down countertops is commonly practiced for

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10 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

The average American spends about $139 on food every week. Although many people may not realize just how much they’re spending, the reality is that lots of little food purchases add up. That combined with the other expenses that go

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Don’t forget to change your clocks!

Yes, it’s that time of the year when the clocks change. Many of us rely on smart watches, smart phones and a plethora of connected devices to keep track of time. These marvels of technology will update automatically but older

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UK Spotify Offer – Get a free Google Home Mini

Spotify are offering a free Google home mini to UK premium family subscribers until 14th of May 2019 And the great news is that the offer is available to new AND existing UK customers. Here’ their blurb… See the offer

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5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home

Did you know that 40% of all food in the US is wasted? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a goal of cutting food waste to about 109 pounds per person by 2030. Compare this to the 2010 baseline

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How to Plan a Full Kitchen Remodel

With the kitchen being one of the most important areas of your home and probably the area you spend the most time in, you want to make sure it reflects your lifestyle and needs. If you’re looking to remodel your

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Avoid Mouldy Bathroom Horrors

Did you Know? – Bleaching your loo reduces shower mould. Keeping your bathroom looking sparkling also improves hygiene. Here’s some handy tips to avoid a nightmare bathroom. Always use a mould removing and descaling bathroom spray to remove grime from

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How to collect rock samples in space

Rock and Roving – Space News Japan’s space agency ( JAXA ) has recently successfully launched and landed 2 robotic explorers on the surface of a 1km asteroid called Ryugu. When the ship Hayabusa 2 arrived at its destination in

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How to boil an egg with a perfect runny yolk every time

It can be tricky to boil an egg and achieve that perfect runny yolk. Here’s how to do it. Use eggs at room temperature – NOT straight out of the fridge. Fill a pan with water – enough to cover

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Copyright Free Images – to use any way you like.

Using other people’s images without permission or a license is a breach of copyright and is seen as theft in the eyes of the law. In short – copying images from the internet and using them on your own site,

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How to cut a Vanilla Custard Slice

Cutting a vanilla custard slice in half can end in a disaster – even with the sharpest knife. The custard simply oozes out from the sides the moment you start cutting into it. To avoid this most disturbing mishap… Carefully

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denim tips

Avoid double denim disasters

Wearing double denim can either look really good or really terrible. Here’s a few tips tip avoid a double denim disaster. Unless it’s sold as an outfit, i.e. a skirt and matching top, don’t try to match similar coloured denim

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The Proper Way to Get Rid of Old Appliances

With every appliance replacement comes the question of what to do with the old appliance. You don’t want the replaced appliance taking up space, but you also want to get rid of it in a useful and environmentally friendly way.

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