Poor skin condition – things to try.

Sensitive skin can become challenging when it comes to applying makeup.

There are a number of reasons skin can be sensitive to a foundation, for example. In some instances the skin can react to an ingredient in the product. But in some cases the texture of the foundation can be the cause. Foundation is essentially a powder and the fineness of the powder can be the issue depending on the skin type. Larger pores can become clogged if the powder is too fine, leading to unwanted spots. But the type of foundation, the amount and how it’s applied should also be considered.

Whether or not you have sensitive skin, it’s worth remembering that pads and brushes can also harbour bacteria and fungi spores. Poor skin condition may simply result from poor hygiene!

Unfortunately there is no magic answer to the problem of sensitive skin. Your skin is what it is – you can’t change that. Everyone is different. But if you are prone to spots after applying makeup then there are a few things you can try in order to diagnose the cause. Making an appropriate change may sort it out.

  1. Change your applicator. You should do this fairly regularly anyway.
  2. Experiment with a different cleansing regime. It could be that your remover is too harsh or moisturiser is too oily.
  3. Experiment with different application methods – try a week using something different.
  4. Change your product. Look for products designed for sensitive skin.
  5. Don’t finish a product just to use it up. If it’s causing a problem stop using it. This seems obvious – but you can be forgiven for continuing to use a product because it’s concealing a problem it’s causing!
  6. If at all possible, avoid wearing makeup for a week. This may determine if the foundation or concealer is causing a skin condition.
  7. What ever you try, give it a few days to see if the condition changes (unless it drastically worsens!). Benefits to a change are unlikely to happen immediately.
  8. Finally – get advice from a dermatologist.

There’s a number of product suitable for sensitive skin that may be worth trying.

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