Tips for Guest Writers

Thank you for choosing to share your knowledge on With.Tips.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started writing some great tips!

There are no limits to how you write, or what you write about, but it must be useful, helpful, interesting or informative.

Give your tip a title

Make sure to give your tip a catchy and relevant heading where it says Add your tip title.
Top tip: Capitalise the first letter of each key word to make it stand out.

For example…

Opening Pesky Jam Jar Lids

Writing your tip or tips

After you have proved you are a human the main writing page will appear where you can add text and images (image sizes up to 1.5MB)

Start your tip by describing the problem.
Top tip: Use Heading 1 or Heading 2 on the first paragraph.

For example…

Do you have problems opening jam jars? Here’s some simple tricks to help you get them open…

Use titles, bullet points and numbers if you have more than one tip or solution.

For example…

1. Use hot water.

If the lid is metal carefully run hot water only over the lid. The metal will expand, loosening the lid.

2. Make a hole.

Make a small hole in the lid with a bottle opener to break the vacuum seal in a new jar. Use a piece of sticky tape to seal the hole if it bothers you.


Set a header image.

It’s optional to set a featured image… but it’ll make your tip stand out.
The best size is 1360px wide by 620-px high.

Header image goes at the top of the page.

Choose a category

If you write a guest tip on a category page then it will automatically post to that category. In some cases you may be asked to choose from a dropdown. Don’t worry if your category isn’t available. A With.Tips moderator will create a category if needed.

Finish off… about you

Use the ABOUT ME form to write a little about yourself and include a link to your blog or social media sites.

For example…

About Me:

I’m Bob Brilliant and I regularly write for With.Tips 

Please visit my profile to read more of my top householder tips!

Your name and email

You may use a nickname or your real name – this will be visible on your tip.
Don’t Worry… Your email is NOT visible!
Your tip will not be published unless you confirm your email address. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Share your Tip!

That’s all folks… 
We’ll moderate your tip as soon as possible. Please allow up to 24 hours (it may be much sooner).

If there are problems with your post we may (or may not) contact you.
We may remove non-compliant links or make small changes (e.g. correcting spelling) without informing you before approving your post as per our Terms of Use.

Guest writers may only include links to personal blogs and social media accounts that comply with our suitable content rules. For more relaxed rules about including links to commercial sites you must Register as a Member. See Terms of Use.

Registered Members may write more than 500 words, have more freedoms and receive even more traffic to their posts. Associate members may have their own pages on With.Tips that may include branding and commercial links out. But please feel free to share your knowledge as a guest at any time – everyone is welcome here.

Write a tip now!

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