Tips on Essential Vitamins – Zinc

Zinc – For a strong immune system.

Zinc is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system. A lack of zinc can make you more susceptible to disease and illness. Zinc also plays an important role in wound healing and is often used in creams for skin irritations. The body doesn’t store zinc so you need to eat the recommended amount daily. Men 11 mg and Women 8 mg per day.

Follow these tips to increase your levels of Vitamin E:

Tip 1


  • Seafood including raw oysters, crab and lobster.

  • Meats; beef, pork loin.

  • Dairy; cheese, yoghurt and milk.

  • Nuts and pulses; baked beans, wild rice, peas, pecan nuts, peanuts, chick peas and lentils.

  • Hurray: Dark chocolate!

Tip 2


Zinc can be taken as part of a multivitamin or with a high dose vitamin C, this can help reduce the severity and length of cold symptoms. Zinc may also be taken as a tablet, lozenge or syrup. You should always talk to a doctor or pharmacist before using zinc as a cold remedy.

Tip 3

Skin Care

Cream and lotions containing zinc oxide have many benefits, including anti bacterial and healing properties. It is found in most nappy rash ointments, sun screen lotions that block harmful UVA and UVB rays, acne creams and treatment for seborrheic dermatitis.

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