Use Shaving Oil for a Closer Shave

Shaving with a lubricating shaving oil makes shaving more comfortable, reduces razor rash and helps to achieve a much closer shave.

I’ve been using Advanced Silicone Shave Oil from King of Shaves Sensitive for years now and on the few occasions when I shave without it I’m reminded of how good it is.

King Of Shaves has a range of oils but the oil for sensitive skin is their best product as far as I’m concerned.

I prefer to apply a couple of drops to my face as well as using foam on top for a “posh” shave – even with an electric razor.

For an extra close shave I do a second pass with one more drop applied with wet hands. The result is unbeatable

Finally – I’m also convinced the oil helps keep my electric razor sharp too!

Men's Hair and Grooming tip by: Danny
I work in hospitality - so looking smart is important to me.

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