Tips on writing tips for With.Tips !

Anyone can contribute to With.Tips all you have to do is write!

Any great ideas, life hacks, advice on any subject, product reviews, how-tos, things to do, places to go.

If you have a gem of information or a whole article you’d like to share on With.Tips readers then we’d love for you to contribute.

Here’s a few tips to get you started.

1. Keep it to the point.

Everything in your article should be relevant to the subject you’re writing about. Try not to digress – write a separate article and link the digression to it.

2. Keep it simple.

If you’re writing about a product or offering your advice then only go into as much detail as you need to. Don’t overcomplicate it!

3. Make it interesting.

Articles should be Engaging and fun to read. You can inject as much into your articles as you want. Talk about your own experiences. Avoid trying to write like a slick journalist – just be yourself!

4. Add pictures, photos and video.

Readers like to see pictures photos videos and articles. Be as creative as you like – use your own pictures or find suitable creative commons images on Pixabay.

Embedding relevant YouTube videos is great too but make sure you say whose video it is of it’s not your own.


5. Break it up.

  • Avoid long chunks of text.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Number subject headers and use the dropdown to select header sizes (like in this post).
  • Insert horizontal lines between numbered points.

6. Exploit the tools

WordPress provide basic tools to write articles – but progress onto the Elementor drag and drop editing feature and you can create masterpieces with plenty of professional web design functions for that extra pizzazz.

7. Specify the category

Select the relevant category (up to three) for your article. This places your articles on the SEO natural language front pages of With.Tips, for example,

If you don’t see a relevant category you can add a new one. We will create new category pages if we think they’re suitable.


8. Share your work.

Let everyone know about your article! Share it on social media. This way all contributors benefit from the traffic you help generate. And the increased traffic equally works for you.

As you write more With.Tips you will improve and you may be rewarded with added flexibility and responsibilities.

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