Caring for microfibre cloths

So many people use microfibre cloths and dispose of them as soon as they seem a little grubby!

In a world where sustainability is becoming more of a worry, it seems crazy that we are treating things as disposable when all they need is a wash!

So to save money and help the environment, why not wash your grubby microfibre cloths instead of binning them after one or two uses.

Here’s how to care for microfibre cloths.

Don’t use clothes detergent or fabric softener – believe it or not this can spoil your microfibre.

Cloths that are simply dusty can be washed in just warm water! Soak in a bowl then hand-wash. Drain the water and repeat until the water stays clear. Alternatively, or for a number of cloths – stick them in the washing machine on a low heat with no detergent.

For oily cloths or cloths used for polishing then a specialist microfibre cleaning liquid is needed. These are easily available on Amazon and work brilliantly to recondition microfibre cloths. They can be used in the machine or hand-washing.

Tumble dry your microfibre cloths on a very low temperature. Tumbling is best as it reconditions the fluffiness!

I’ve found these products on Amazon:

Amazon U.K. suppliers

(for U.S. see options below)

Dodo Juice is what I mostly use because it’s cheaper and it’s excellent:

But Nanolex Microfibre Cloth & Towel Wash is also excellent and it’s a bigger bottle which is better value for more frequent users:

Amazon U.S.

I’ve not tried these as I live in the UK – but I’ve researched them and they seem pretty much the same…

Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent:

Masterson’s Car Care Microfiber Wash & Restore Cleaning Detergent:

More Microfibre

  • Microfibre cloths vary in price and quality. They also come with different grades!
  • Microfibre cloths absorb dirt by static attraction which is most effective either dry or wet – but not with chemicals or soap.
  • Buy microfire cloths  in bulk – it’s cheaper.
  • Have a spent microfibre laundry bag in the utility cupboard/room – it’s more cost effective and better for the environment to wash and dry them all in one go.
More about Microfibre Cloths…



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